Please read the guidelines carefully before submitting infographics on our website. These guidelines are standard to deliver great content to our readers. The guidelines are must follow for all writers who submit infographics on our website. This is designed in effort to provide high quality and content rich infographics to our users. Follow the below guidelines to ensure your infographics make it on our website.

Infographics Content

  • Grammatically correct English with proper spellings and grammar must be followed. The sentence structure must adhere to standards.
  • Any obscene or pornography material will be discarded without any explanation.
  • The title must not contain website name or email address.
  • We do not endorse articles promoting racism, hate content or pornography.
  • Promotional content, advertisement, press release, sale letter will be rejected.

Links in description

  • Affiliate hyperlinks are not accepted in the description. While a redirect page is recommended for affiliate.
  • We accept a maximum of 5 keyword hyperlinks in the description depending on the choice of your plan.
  • Description containing links to Adsense, Hate, Hacker Site, Pornography sites and the like will not be entertained.


  • The Terms of Service must not be breached. We reserves the right to curtail your membership if the terms are not complied.
  • We have the right to publish your infographic on our website, RSS Feeds, blog, etc, we may see fit.
  • We have no control over the publication of your infographic on third party websites.
  • We may include comments or analysis at the end of your infographic where deemed necessary.
  • There is no financial remuneration for publishing your infographic on our medium.
  • Submission of infographic does not guarantee publication.
  • Once the infographic is submitted we reserve the right to edit the description to meet our editorial standards.
  • Any published infographic will be removed without any intimation, if we deem necessary.
  • Finally, we reserve the right to publish or reject your infographic without giving any reasons.