Welcome to our website. The FAQs will guide the users to use our website with ease.

What types of infographics are rejected?

Any infographics promoting hate, pornography, racial discrimination, hoax, slander, copyright violation, betting, slander and other illegal activities are not supported by our website, Moreover we do not activate refund if any such infographics are submitted. Your membership will be cancelled without further notification.

Any concessions for submitting bulk infographics?

Enjoy bulk discounts for bulk submissions. Our support team is waiting to be of assistance to you.

Any refunds offered for rejected infographics?

Any infographic found unsuitable for publishing on our website is eligible for refund.

Can I submit one infographic to more than one category?

No, your infographic must be submitted to only one single category relevant to your content. Multiple submissions will lead to rejection of your infographic.

What is the waiting time for my infographic to be approved or rejected?

There is a queue for infographic submitted for free plan. For standard and premium plans it takes about 24 hours for the infographic to be either approved or rejected.

Is it necessary to add keywords to my infographic description?

Keywords help to reach your infographic better. Read guidelines for more information.